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Over 25 Years of Innovation

KinTek Corporation is the world leader in the design and manufacture of Stopped-Flow and Quench-Flow instruments and software used in the kinetic analysis of chemical and biochemical reactions on the millisecond timescale. This web site offers you information about the company, a tour of the products available, information on transient state kinetic methods, and the latest news on new developments.

KinTek at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

KinTek Corporation will be demonstrating their newest instruments at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, February 15–19, 2014, in San Francisco, California. Come by to see our latest advances in instrumentation for stopped-flow and chemical quench flow kinetics.

A Lecture about KinTek Explorer at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society

Dr. Kenneth Johnson will be giving a lecture on the ground breaking KinTek Explorer software on Sunday, February 16, 2014, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm. Come to see what this dynamic software can do for you in understanding your kinetic data and planning your next experiments.

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New Advances in Fitting Kinetic and Equilibrium Data by Simulation

Kenneth A. Johnson, Ph.D. President, KinTek Corporation, and Roger Williams Professor of Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin.

Fitting kinetic data based upon numerical integration of rate equations offers many advantages over conventional fitting of data based upon equations derived from simple models. Fitting by simulation is the most rigorous metod, and eliminates the need to derive equations; however, it also requires and understanding of the kinetics, and critical thought to avoid overly complex models. In this presentation, Dr. Johnson will show how global fitting of kinetic data can be accomplished with ease using the fast, dynamic simulation in KinTek Explorer software, overcoming the all-to-common errors in conventional fitting. Moreover, data are fit to derive rate constants directly defining steps in a model. New advances in the software allow fitting kinetic data from single molecule experiments and families of curves can be fit simultaneous to define voltage-dependent rate constants or data from Temperature-jump or Pressure-jump experiments. In addition, equilibrium titration data can be fit using a unique endpoint simulation method, and time-resolved spectra can be fit using singular value decomposition (SVD). Moreover, all experiments can be fit simultaneously.

KinTek Explorer Version 4.0 Has Been Released

KinTek Explorer is the fastest and most powerful software for fitting kinetic and equilibrium data. Fitting is based on a user-defined model and numerical integration of rate equations to allow fitting of primary data directly to the model of interest with no simplifying assumptions. Version 4.0 of KinTek Explorer includes several novel features, including temperature-dependent rate constants and voltage-dependent rate constants (for voltage gated ion channels). In each case, a family of curves can be fit to derive a single set of rate constant at a reference temperature (or voltage) and a set of activation energy (or partial gated charge) terms. In addition, we have increased the capabilities of the Student version to allow the opening and saving of any mechanism file and the ability to export synthetic data. Download the software here. Explore the free student version and order a license for KinTek Explorer to begin fitting your own data. You will be able to import, analyze, and save your own data and analyses.

KinTek Auto-SF 120 Provides Efficient Use of Precious Sample and Your Time

KinTek Corporation is pleased to announce the arrival of the KinTek Auto-SF 120, the latest member of the KinTek family of products. It boasts the following features:
  • Automated sample loader, which can be interfaced with an optional robot.
  • 200 µl of sample is sufficient to load and collect 6-8 good shots.
  • Standard 10 µl flow cell.
  • 20 µl per shot per solution.
  • Has two fluorescence channels and one absorbance channel that can be observed and recorded simultaneously.
  • Under complete computer control, courtesy of the KinTek StopFlow Software.
Stay tuned, as more information will follow soon.

SF-300X Stopped Flow

KinTek SF-300X Stopped-Flow Instrument The SF-300X stopped-flow instrument offers the ultimate in excellence for rapid detection of time-dependent optical changes. The SF-300X stopped-flow is capable of producing a dead time of 0.85 millisecond! and has the best fluorescence signal to noise ratio available—all in a standard 10 microliter sample cell.

RQF-3 and RQF-4 Rapid Quench-Flow

KinTek RQF-3 Quench-Flow Instrument The computer-controlled RQF Rapid Quench-Flow instrument has an easy to use interface, is driven by a precision servo motor, and uses a unique precision valve system. These features allow the RQF Series Rapid Quench-Flow instruments to examine fast reaction times (2.5 ms) using extremely small sample volumes, and allowing Double Delay Quench.

KinTek Explorer™

KinTek Explorer Software The KinTek Explorer™ is a powerful software package that changes the way you look at your kinetic data. Representing a paradigm shift in data fitting, it takes you past all the simplifying assumptions normally used in fitting kinetic data to extract mechanistic information.
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